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remember, the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. ♪ ♪ >> sean: so the stakes of the 2010 midterm elections couldn't be higher. the president and his party are able to maintain control of congress this november, they will be handed a golden opportunity to push their radical agenda forward. cap and tax, amnesty, a victory would put anything and everything on the table for the democrats. after only a year in office, americans know too well the damage that the president's economic policies can cause. unemployment rate from 7.7% at the time of president's innation -- inauguration to where it stands at 9.7%, assurances that unemployment would remain below 8% if the stimulus bill passed. wasteful spending like the 787 billion dollar stimulus package that helped skyrocket the deficit to a record level
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under president obama. it appears the president and speaker nancy pelosi plan contactling that deficit in part by raising taxes. currently the top income tax bracket 35%. the president has proposed raising that by 5%. also calling for a jump in medicare from 2.9% to 3.9%. those earning over a million dollars will be slapped with an additional 5.4% surtax bringing the grand total for top earners in the country to 53% up from 42% undercurrent law. that does not include your state income tax, property tax or sales tax this is the type of change president obama is bringing to the america. this is what is at stake in november. all of this information and much more can be found in part one of a new book 2010 take back america a battle plan the stakes, targets, strategy and what you can do. joining me is the author of this new book the one and only
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dick morris. welcome to hannity. >> the elbow bump. >> sean: i have a bit of a strained voice. >> meaning not shaking. >> sean: first of all, i love the book. >> thank you. >> sean: i love it. you get into some great detail here. great strategies. i want to start at the beginning this is important, you got to make the case. barack obama is ruining america. he's destroying everything that makes us great. two stories on drudge. white house science czar u.s. cannot expect to be number one in science and technology forever. another picture of the president bowing before another world leader. saying in another piece, that you know, talking about america, he was comparing us to you know a third world dictatorship, for crying out loud. >> in your text segment, you
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talk about the -- in your tax segment, you talk about the tax increase. if obama's tax plans pass the one he now has on the table. the united states will go from 27th in the list of 30 countries in tax level to 4th. we will be exceeded only by belgium, holland and finland. in the book. but the point you made about the science thing, we have a chapter in here, pessimism is the bodyguard of socialist. they say oh well you won't get to see doctors but you wouldn't see them any way the day of lots of doctors is over. all unemployment but because we are in an era of permanent unemployment. they use pessimism to defend their outcomes. >> sean: we've been attacked, thousand of us -- i did an interview recently, i was attacked for saying he's a socialist. is a socialist.
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that's simplistic. when 50 of the american people don't pay taxes any more. if our tax rate is going from 4350 some odd percent doesn't include property tax, income tax or sales tax we are up to 70% of what some people make in new york and new jersey. >> we are. one of the basic themes of the first part of this book called the stakes which we will talk about in this segment. we haven't seen nothing yet. the permanent outcomes that will if the programs pass is staggering. one is permanently high unemployment because of the high tax levels that europe has that we are now adopting. in 2008 the united states ranked fifth behind france, germany, italy and britain intacts of those countries. now it -- unemployment, sorry. now it ranks first among those five countries in unemployment. so, the u.s. is going to have
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a permanently high unemployment rate if we give obama three more years. >> sean: you go into great specificity. i want to go to the basics first. what you are saying is, this vote in november, what you say is the single most important thing you will do, in is a critical turning point in america's history. free enterprise, you write, hangs in the balance. >> my wife wrote that line. and voting will be the single most important thing you do in the whole year of 2010. >> sean: interesting, i don't want to jump to the end of the book. but it is important, because you make a strong case about what people can do. very different than past years. >> let's cover that more next week. >> sean: go ahead. >> first thing is the permanent unemployment. second, we are used to inflation. but not inflation that is caused by the government, deliberately because it is only way to pay down the debt.
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>> sean: what you say is, obama has dug us so deeply into debt there is only one way out, you say inflation. >> other way is tax cuts but he's not about to do that look at the stats, these are tables i took out of the book. september 10th, 2008 the money supply was 875 billion. december 2nd, '09, 2.1 trillion. you can't have an increase like that without unbelievable inflation. then there's the issue of the deficit. in 2008 the deficit was 3.2% of our gdp. now it is 12.9% of our gdp in one year it went from 4% to 12% of our economy. right now we are getting the deficit at a bargain basement rate we are like the subprime borrowers because we are printing our own money so we can borrow it back and just pay 3%. >> sean: china buying up all our debt. >> not yet china. going on now, going to a bank,
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sean do you have any more gauge backed securities in your you vault? say i'm wallpapering with it. request i pay you 100 million dollars and get your securities. here it is. treasury, hey hannity you have 100 million you can lend me. yes a moron just gave me 100 million. what rate? i say 3%. you say sure. now they are no longer printing the money they stopped this month. that means they have to pay china, japan and americans 7, 8% interest. what that means is, out of the four trillion dollar federal budget, one trillion of it a quarter of it will have to go to pay the interest on the debt. the total take of the personal income tax in the united states, all 300 million combined is 900 billion. we'll pay one trillion just in debt service. we are like the couple that has to sign their paycheck over to the mortgage company. >> sean: we've only touched on
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some of the economic issues. look at -- we've got a picture up on the drudge report now with the president bowing to another world leader. white house czar, america can't expect to be number one we the video, he bows again. last week the president said if america is hit with a biological, chemical or crippling cyber attack we won't respond with nukes. this weekend he says al-qaeda wants -- nuclear weapons and they will use them. iran acquiring nuclear weapons and he says they have a right to nuclear technology. i don't even think he's making sense of his own policy >> i think he's absolutely not. the amazing thing about what is going on now with the country, economically, is that the spending and the borrowing are causing the unemployment. they are not curing it. like in the middle ages when they would bleed a patient to get rid of the evil spirits if
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they didn't recover they plead them some more. instead our borrowing is elbowing aside the whole private sector. government borrowing up 40%. mortgages down 24, car loans down 33, student loans down 40%. the money isn't being length out to anybody but the government. as a result there is no economic growth. >> sean: we to a take a break. when come back we are going to talk about the stakes of 2010 election. we are going to reveal the targets. the vulnerable democrats that you can help kick out of office. dick morris will do that ann coulter, much more, coming up straight ahead. to see the layist clips from tonight's hannity when you are on the go, go to from your mobile device and click on hannity. ♪
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>> sean: we know the stakes of the november election are huge for the gop and for the country. which races will decide the outcome? the republicans need to pick up 10 seats in the senate to gain control of that body. is it possible? let's look at this map. retirements of kaufman and dorgan have made delaware and north dakota almost certain gop pick-up. arkansas, blanche lincoln doomed herself by voting for
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the health care bill. nevada -- where harry reid's days are numbered. if republicans can pull through in some of the closer races in illinois, wisconsin and maybe take dunbar bra boxer struggling in california or specter in pennsylvania the senate will be back in gop hands. the house of representatives is a sea of vulnerable democrats, republicans need to pick up 39 seats to take control. to put things in perspective gop picked up 54 seats in 1994. can it be done? dick morris says there's the 37 democrats gop should defeat in november. several made themselves vulnerable by voting for health care. dick morris outlines all this in his new book out tomorrow 2010, take america back. let's go through the senate quickly. >> you have four open seats that we will clearly win.
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delaware, indiana, north dakota and illinois kirk is now five or six ahead of began poe -- gianacaci mired with his family bank. then you have four incumbents that are the walking dead. specter in pennsylvania eight points behind. reid in nevada behind all three. lincoln in arkansas more than 20 points down. benefit the appointed senator in colorado who norton is probably going to defeat that's eight seats. we need 10. the 9th seat will be boxer in california. very important news just out, campbell the former congressman is now only two points behind boxer. fiorina six behind either one could take her that's nine. that happens biden votes for
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democrat and we lose by one seat. that means we to pick up either gillibrand in new york or murray in washington, feingold in wisconsin -- >> sean: thompson runs -- >> that's good. but i'm into the sure he will. what we do in this book we give you all the dirt on these incumbents. we go through every one of harry reid's corrupt land deals. all four members of his family, all four sons are or were lobbyists. we go through how the casino industry supports him. how he once built a bridge not to nowhere but on his own property with federal money. through the whole bit about everything this guy has done. then gillibrand my favorite target appointed senator in new york. she serves for one year as deputy counsel of hud in charge of subprime mortgages. her job was to get new
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products launched. that meant subprime loans to the poor. she leaves washington, goes into private practice. in 2005 and 2006 she and her husband do a lot of trading in the market -- market. they shorted subprime mortgages, they shorted countrywide. >> sean: how come we haven't heard of this? >> companies she set up in the subprime she shorted and made 40,000 profit on doing that by the way she also, before that distinguished herself by spending her whole legal career hiding the documents that proved that the cigarette company ceos were committing criminal . >> sean: if massachusetts was a shock who would you like to see run on the republican side? >> [ talking over each other ] >> guard did is being talked about, -- deguard did is being talked about, in washington state you want rossi former
9:18 pm
governor candidate to run. >> sean: i heard levy flipping might be a deal. interesting. the house. >> the key thing is this, on dickmorris do come we have a new program -- we have a new program. a democrat. take a democratic congressman who they love and adopt them and contribute money to his or her defeat. every penny you give we'll go on the air attacking the democrat who you adopt. this way we can get wealthy people in georgia to focus on -- >> sean: people unhappy they can get -- for example, [ talking over each other ] >> i was talking to a guy in
9:19 pm
shreveport adopt ross southern arkansas he's a gem he voted against health care on the floor when it didn't count but for it in committee to get it out when it did. >> sean: will have the book out tomorrow. we are going to be on tour together. we'll see threw. lots more hannity coming up, straight ahead. >> the president: i will move quickly to name a nominee as i did with justice sotomayor. >> sean: battle over the next supreme court nominee heats up. will the president play it safe or make a radical move? >> the president: i hope the senate will move quickly to confirm my nominee. >> sean: new poll shows americans don't think much of the anointed one. mitt romney on top of the latest straw poll. will he be the gop nominee inwñ 2012? much more hannity straight ahead. 5%5%%%5%5%%%%%5$5$%$%$$$e$o$dc@é
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>> sean: the battle is already raging over who the president wail point to the u.s. supreme court to replace justice stevens who announced his retirement friday. last time around the president narrowed down his choices to a short list of 10. reportedly consulting that same list now. it is said to include former
9:24 pm
harvard law school dean kagan, garland, wood and janet napolitano. abc reporting that the chief justice of the georgia supreme court sears is also on that list. and yet another name. >> i've her the name hillary clinton today. that would be an interesting person in the mix. i happen to like hillary clinton, i think she has done a good job for the democrat secretary of state's position. i have a high respect for her. and think a great deal of her. >> sean: gibbs later said the president is going to keep her secretary of state. here with reaction "new york times" number one best seller of guilty, ann
9:25 pm
coulter. how are you? >> fine. >> sean: this is what we know about barack obama everything he has done is radical, why would we expect -- >> not only that, good luck to republicans trying to tone down the nominee to someone who isn't mad the difference is like the difference being thrown from the 13th floor or the roof. they are all going to be voting to uphold abortion, ban the 10 commandments and in favor of race preferences. it kind of doesn't matter. one thing that is important the republicans seem to not realize, a huge court battle is fantastic for republicans. the reason the democrats need the courts to legislate is because their ideas are heinous to the american people. always good to have a fight in the courts. >> sean: i agree whether you win or lose. i think the house republicans
9:26 pm
get it now. i think they are good strong solid conservative. there are some guys that are really ticking me off in the senate. republicans are saying maybe we don't have to repeal health care. yes, you do. i'm just wondering if they want to get along. i like orrin hatch. i don't want him voting for hillary clinton for the supreme court. because she will vote the way you just described. >> they usually throw out names. it is not going to be hillary clinton. >> sean: look, sonia sotomayor, raised gender superiority didn't stop her nomination. >> with lindsey graham voting for her, that's right. i think those hearings were helpful for republicans to find out she had talked about the wise latina and had that ruling against the white fireman who should have become fireman. all those are good for republicans this is why democrats use the courts to
9:27 pm
legislate. look at gay marriage, every time it gets put to a vote it loses in huge majorities in california, oregon. they get it through with the courts. the more you talk about what is at stake it would be good for republicans overall, definitely this november because they hold -- >> sean: it will continue the narrative, which is i think the country's waking up to the fact this president is a radical. >> all democrats are that's my point. the difference between a radical and nonradical doesn't make a difference in the courts. >> sean: blue dog, lap dog they go along. you go to canada. >> you heard! >> sean: i heard, what happened? >> one more week i could have gotten them to repeal socialist health care. >> sean: you have to explain for the few that haven't been reading about it. you go to give a speech. >> they don't have a second amendment in canada and they
9:28 pm
get a little -- i was giving three speeches. in a nutshell the provost sent me a letter threatening to prosecute me for a speech i hadn't given yet. expecting it to be hate speech. i'm reading his letter i realized i had been the victim of a hate crime because he was accusing me of hate speech on the basis of my associations i'm a conservative. we will be filing that complain in the next week or so >> sean: were you slammed in parliament, attacked by everybody. >> i know i was on the bucket list. attacked on the floor of the house. >> sean: you weren't able to give your speech. >> it happened to be at the one school where i received this letter which think makes a strong case before the human rights commission. the same commission that spent a year investigating the writer mark stein for an excerpt of his best selling book. what the human rights
9:29 pm
commission does is -- my complaint is either going to win and the provost is going to sensitivity training. or going to expose the human rights commission as the fraud and scam that it is. >> sean: how do you feel this election is going? i think -- >> you have to have me back more. >> sean: been traveling. you and i both. the question here is, if we don't win these midterms, we just had dick morris on. if we don't get these midterms back i say irreparable harm this president, this congress is doing to the united states. i think it is one of the most crucial elections in our lifetime. >> i agree. >> sean: so how do we win? >> we win the way we always do. i'm thinking about different things i want to say. one is don't get your hopes up too much. one of the tricks liberals pull is raised expectations.
9:30 pm
i don't think we take the senate. a third of the senators are up every two years. it doesn't happen to be a good deal of a hand. >> sean: on paper. connecticut, delaware, wisconsin if thompson gets in. harry reid is done. >> harry reid, yes but we have republicans retiring. i'm sick of these republicans honoring their term limit pledges. judd gregg should run again. we could lose new hampshire if he retires. on the other hand -- >> sean: the house. >> we have a lot of seats to pick up. work hard, very important. please don't raise expectations. it is a really tough year. >> sean: i am saying never underestimate the ability of the republicans to blow it. >> one of the ways they can blow it, thank you is by not putting up a big fight on some crazy supreme court nominee. they put up a fight it -- >> sean: what about this effort to infiltrate the tea
9:31 pm
party movement? >> shocking. the only thing that is shock something they are stupid enough to put it online. the only acts of violence have been committed by liberals. the black guy beaten up in st. louis ized in california conservative had his finger bitten off by a liberal and woman holding up the obama hitler sign was ayla rouche -- was a -- i'm surprised they are saying let's pretend to be tea partiers. we knew you were liberals. >> sean: always fun. thank you. how to raise little girls. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back our great, great, great american panel is next. ♪ ♪ an impossible dream?
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>> sean: a former deputy assistant secretary of state, fox news contributor, i get more comments about him on our conservative victory tour, bob beckel is here. former chairwoman for the denver county republicans mary smith joins us. he's an actor, director best known on the hit show cheers, john ratzenberger is with us. another bowing picture of the
9:36 pm
president. the white house science czar don't expect america to be number one forever. american exceptionalism doesn't exist any more. >> you had to start up that way if you look at the picture of the chinese prime minister with george bush, bill clinton and gw bush every one bows. >> sean: nobody goes around apologizing -- >> did he apologize for something? >> sean: his wife said america is a mean country in 2008. >> when the republicans are power it is troop. >> does anybody know why they took the bust of winston churchill out of the white house, the first week? i heard that happen, i don't know you are insiders. >> sean: explain the national security thing. hit with biochemical weapons in an american city or crippling cyber attack and no nukes.
9:37 pm
the president tells us this weekend that al-qaeda is trying to get nuclear weapons but we are cutting our in half and iran has a right to nuclear power. help me out here! >> i think it is interesting that obama seems to be saying like whisper and leave your stick at home that doesn't make sense to anyone that i know of. you really have to be going some to be bowing to other leaders and it is one thing to pay respect. it is another to not respect what you're doing here at home. >> sean: he met with this guy the president of stkaoer stan. -- desire stan. the 2009 report on this country, white spread human rights violations, limits on people's freedom of speech, freedom of the press assembly unhealthy prison conditions, arbitrary arrest detention he
9:38 pm
compares our country to their country. >> you just said can you help me out? start reading something factual for a change. the reality is, when you talk about in nuclear thing, number one i happened to negotiate nuclear arms treaties, you have very little understanding of. and the republicans have no idea. if we do -- there's a cyber attack on our country, let's say they take the whole nut down we are going to drop a nuclear weapon on somebody and kill 20 million people? >> i'm suggesting you don't take weapons often take. >> who took them off the table? >> sean: barack obama. >> that is wrong. he signed the treaty end product of the negotiations between three presidents. >> sean: where are your friends? [ talking over each other ]
9:39 pm
>> do they have this commission on human rights just against israel, they sanctioned israel and they sanctioned -- no other country was mentioned. sudan wasn't mentioned. >> sean: there was a report in an israeli papers we are withholding sales of nuclear arms parts to israel. after the snub of netanyahu. last week the president said, the administration said we are not going to use the term islamic extremists any more. did they all of a sudden disappear? >> who made a good point alan in florida -- >> sean: west. >> he said there is no such thing as war on terrorism like saying world war ii was the war on comcast .
9:40 pm
--comcom. >> israel has not acknowledged that it has nuclear weapons. we do not sell nuclear parts to israel. the snub was when netanyahu announced the extension of settlements while the vice president was in israel. >> sean: too bad, get over it. >> four billion dollars a year -- >> sean: they are not building anything in the u.s. because he's ruining the economy. >> you haven't paid attention to [ talking over each other ] >> sean: 43% approval rating. time for a sneak peek with greta. >> greta: newt gingrich is here and he has brought with him a special guest. steve moore is here, dana perino, senator lamar alexander. governor palin is waiting for a phone call. we have it on tape we will play it. make sure you listen on your satellite radio when you drive home tonight.
9:41 pm
>> sean: greta coming up in 19 short minutes from now. dr. james dobson, how do we bring up daughters? it is hard, i have to figure this out. this coming up. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees?
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. >> sean: we continue with our great american panel. there's going to be a lot of tea party events around the country this week. there's been an effort, charlie rangel compares it to
9:45 pm
segregation. another congressman compared the tea party movement to the klan. now there's an effort to infiltrate the movement so they can embarrass the movement and alienate it from the american people. racist voice mails left for the professor who opposed obama care, nobody paid attention. let's play the tape: >> sean: eric cantor, obama supporter. what do you think these attacks again the tea party movement are about? >> i'm a coffee drinker. people have a right to stand up for what they want and peacefully talk about it in the company of people they agree with. there are people who are bad people on both sides. i don't think bigotry --
9:46 pm
>> sean: concerted effort to show up at tea parties on thursday, april 15th, tax day this thursday we are going to be in cincinnati. they are going to beholding up signs with misspelled words. to embarrass the tea party movement. >> it is a threat. they see it as a threat. they understand it is growing. people are frustrated. i spend a lot of time in our country between new york and los angeles. people wondering why they can't let their kid walk to and from school? watched in one generation. it used to be fine. is that the supreme court? is that because the miranda decision? nobody knows. but you don't have the freedoms you used to have. that's a real frustration. >> the idea that somehow the tea party -- a lot of people feel that way before anybody heard of a tea party person, one. two, i've been around those
9:47 pm
tea party before they were infiltrated, by the way i told my cousin not to make those calls. we didn't mention on the show that the senator from washington gets called and threatened and the fbi arrested somebody. >> sean: you get called and threatened. i get called and threatened. you more than me. >> maybe that's true. it was nasty somebody said they were going to string me up, i'm not going to get into it. >> sean: you know how many people ask me to throw this football at your head? >> i understand that i can take it. >> sean: wait a minute to infiltrate a group to purposely try to alienate a group. health care being so close because americans with loud voices said not only no, hell no, we don't want the bribery and corruption. >> my problem is giving that credit to tea party movement. what is the total?
9:48 pm
>> sean: we'll see in november. >> the silent majority is that they have strong feelings and they are going to move en masse against the policies of the obama administration. i think we are going to see a lot of movement -- >> sean: i don't think obama and his liberal friends have any clue of what is coming in november. >> i think we have an idea. the economy is roaring back. >> sean: coming up, the founder of focus on the family dr. james dobson talking about his new book, "raising daughters." ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. ♪
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america. growing stronger. every day. ♪
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so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. i got screened. now, it's your turn. so you can stick around and enjoy the show. if you're 50 or older, get screened for colorectal cancer. >> sean: his book bringing up boys sold over two million copies considered to be one of the most well-known resources for parents for raising boys. now dr. james dobson is set to release the long awaited sequel to the book it is called, bringing up girls, practical advice and encouragement for those shaping the next generation of women. i would shake your hand but i'm fighting a cold. i don't want to get you sick. you know, i have an 11-year-old boy. your first book, i loved. i'm reading this book now. i've got an> 8-year-old girl. why am i more fearful of raising a daughter than a son?
9:53 pm
>> because girls are more complex than boys. it took me three years to write in book. i poured my heart and soul into it. i have 3500 pages of research and reference material. i got lost in. there's an awful lot there. >> sean: you sequestered yourself away for a while? >> i did over and over again. my wife kept saying get it done and finally i have. >> sean: we all know the basic problems, sex, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, all of this. it seems like there's been a shift that it is almost like the now are more aggressive than the boys in in a lot of these areas what is happening? >> there's a lot of evidence of internal turmoil in girls. the second chapter is girls in peril. it is true if you look at what is happening there. anorexia, bulimia, 90% of the
9:54 pm
children with eating disorders are girls. it starts sometimes at five years of age. there's piercing and cutting and sexual aggression and violence. there's an epidemic of violence among girls today. >> sean: all of which is true and i agree with. it is funny, as i'm raising my son, i can be firmer with him, i feel. you have a chapter, young women talking about their dads. there's a special bond, a special relationship a father is not this appendage from the past, he's a critical component in the success in raising a daughter. >> far more than people have realized, sean. it is just incredible. girls are very vulnerable to their fathers. self-esteem, confidence, sense of identity related more to
9:55 pm
their fathers than their mothers. fathers who think that's women's work to raise a girl and who kind of look past their daughters, is -- are really doing the girls a disservice because girls desperately need your dads. >> sean: they need their moms too. this is the problem with the divorce rate which focus on the family which you have been part of for so many years was highlighting to the country. that divorce is devastating every single time on kids. how does somebody like myself, i'm a christian catholic conservative. that's how i identify myself. i'm a christian. when i talk about for example that i teach my kids they should wait until marriage on issues like sex. people tell me i should have been born in the 30s, 40s and 50s. i think i'm just living out a traditional life that used to be the norm. >> culture was much more
9:56 pm
friendly to parenting and to children, 30, 40 years ago. just because we've moved away from some of those values, doesn't mean it is better. the truth of the matter is, the culture is at war with parents today. they make -- it makes it far more difficult to raise healthy, responsible kids than even 10, 15 years ago. >> sean: these are the tough questions that you raise in the book. how do you talk to, as a parent to your children, in this case your daughter specifically, about issues that are very hard for any parent to talk about sex, drugs, bullying, alcohol, all the things that you were mentioning? >> it comes out of relationship. you can't just sit down and start talking about those delicate issues when you haven't given them time. when you haven't talked to them about other things. when you haven't touched them. when you have ignored them.
9:57 pm
all of a sudden you are going to sit down and tell them how to live their lives, it doesn't work that way. you begin with the kind of time you are investing in your kids with tennis. who knows what else. >> sean: i'm a crazy tennis parent. >> i know how you care about your children. >> sean: i do. >> from that you then build the kind of connection that allows you to tell them what you believe. >> sean: people have a hard time with it, i up to this point, granted my son 11, my daughter 8, i've not had too much of a problem. i don't have any problems talking to my kids about the moral choices that they will face as they get older. i talk about it all the time. >> you are right on the verge of adolescence. >> sean: thanks a lot. you are warning me. charming your daughter, puberty and adolescence. >> all of those things. the relationship ought to start early that's what you
9:58 pm
are trying to do. certainly what my wife and i tried do with our son and daughter. little things, i used to get up on a saturday morning and take my 5-year-old daughter to a sand becomes at a school nearby -- sandbox at a school nearby. we would make moats, castles and ride our bikes on to a taco stand and spend four hours together on saturday. i'm telling thank you pays dividends. my daughter is now grown, so my son and i talk to them nearly everyday. >> sean: i think parents need to be on the same page. often times they are not. what do you do when parents either a, aren't getting along. b, aren't on the same page. or maybe c, going as far as divorce. how does that complicate things in raising your kids? >> i've said in that book and believe it, that children ought to have priority. if you really are concerned
9:59 pm
about them. if you love them. if you care for them, you will get together out of the hearing of the children and talk through those things and figure out the best way with -- >> sean: they should selfishly put aside what they want and stay together and work out their differences? >> children are worth the sacrifice whatever it costs you. that is probably the most important thing you with your rife. >> sean: -- with your life. >> sean: very profound. i love this book, >> get over your cold. i hope i don't come away with it. >> sean: before we go, i want to remind you our cross-country book tour continues tomorrow the villages in florida, wednesday atlanta, final show thursday from cincinnati. tax day april 15th. details about the tour and the book are on myte and how you can o

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